About Rebecca Inch-Partridge aka R.I. Partridge

Rebecca has always loved science fiction and writing. In third grade, she wrote her first book: the story of the bionic woman meeting Captain Kirk and flying off into space. In high school, she started creating the Paraxous Star Cluster. Her obsession with this group of worlds, that exists only in her imagination, led to many failed attempts at novels. Now, after years of workshops and rewrites, her first Paraxous Cluster novel, CAPTURED, is ready to be shared with the public. You are invited to read the sample chapters posted on this site while the manuscript is being shopped around to agents and editors. 

After high school, Rebecca worked as an emergency medical technician in the San Francisco Bay Area. This served as the inspiration for her futuristic paramedic stories, which were her first stories ever published. “Some Things Never Change,” and “A Hell of a Night” first appeared in Hadrosaur Tales and are available on this website. Over the years, she’s had several short stories and non-fiction articles published. Her story “Regretting the Moon” is available in issue 32 of Nova Science Fiction Magazine.

Meanwhile, life went on. She got married and had a son. She also obtained her A.A. degree in Sign Language Studies. A few years later, she received her bachelor’s degree from William Jessup University with dual majors: Management and Ethic--which she insists is not an oxymoron--and Bible and Theology. After working a number of day jobs, including social worker and activities director, Rebecca landed her first regular writing gig. She now writes articles for Biotechnology Calendar Inc. covering breakthrough research being conducted at universities across the U.S. Some of these breakthroughs seem like something straight out of science fiction.

Rebecca is a member of the Gold Country Writers group in Auburn, CA. Her story, “Wallet” recently won their 100 word short story contest. Click here to read it and the other winning stories. She attends several science fiction conventions: Convolution in October and LosCon in November. In May, she sometimes served as a panelist at BayCon. Make sure to say "Hi," if you make it to any of these wonderful conventions.

Events 2017:

Reading at Open Mic for the Spoken Word: Saturday, October 28th at the Auburn Library

Currently, she is hard at work on a nuclear apocalyptic novel, SURVIVING THE FALL.  She is seeking beta readers. To sign up for the Chapter of the Week club, click the "subscribe" tab above. You can also sign up for the monthly newsletter, letting you know what’s new on this site. Rebecca’s the kind of writer who thrives on feedback, so feel free to contact her at rebeccainchpartridge@gmail.com.  You can also follow her on facebook.  rebecca inch-partridge