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Welcome to my universe.

For years I’ve enjoyed entertaining my friends and family with tales from the Paraxous Star Cluster. Last year, thanks to my Chapter of the Week Club, I finally completed book one. So now I’m ready to start submitting my manuscript to agents and editors in the hopes of having it published.

My novel, Captured, is the story of a young woman who discovers that she belongs to an outlawed, genetically-engineered race. Worse yet, her mother is a perfect example of why her race had to be banned. As part of a group known as the Dashia, she abuses her telepathic ability for her own gain with no regard to the damage done to her victims. She and the other Dashias do not care that their mental manipulations have brought the Paraxous Cluster to the brink of ruin. Now Twyla must somehow outwit her mother’s plan to force her into the family business as a Dashia. While confronting the reality of what she is, she quickly discovers that finding out who you are can be dangerous, sometimes even deadly.

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