Breakout Novel Workshop 2017

Rebecca Inch-Partridge and Donald Maass

Me and agent/author Donald Maass. Earlier this year, I attended the Writing the Breakout Novel workshop based on his novel and workbook of the same title. In the books and in the workshop, Donald Maass does an amazing job of helping authors improve their craft.   

Writing the Breakout Novel Workshop

The room was packed with both professional and aspiring authors wanting to bring their novel to breakout level. Though the workshop was by no means cheap, everyone agreed they got their money’s worth.

rebecca inch-partridge and fellow authors at writing the breakout novel workshop

We were all excited to apply what we were learning and start rewriting of our manuscripts. The energy level was extremely high. There is something synergetic about getting a bunch of authors getting together.

rebecca inch-partridge after Writing Breakout Novel Workshop

Even with all that synergy, and several cups of coffee, I was exhaustedby the end of the day. My brain was fried from working so hard. A catnap was definitely in order.