Genre: apocalyptic science fiction, near future speculative fiction

Irene saw World War III coming. But how does one go about preparing for the end of the world? With the help of her family, they manage to build a shelter and survive the nuclear apocalypse. When they emerge from their shelter, they find themselves in a land full of death and dying. The question is what are Irene and her husband Tom willing to do to keep their family alive? It’s a question that all survivors must face. It is a question that makes everyone who approaches their property a possible threat and every scavenging run a matter of life or death. 

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Genre: Young Adult Science Fantasy

The nice, normal life that Twyla’s enjoyed for the past eight years, while living in hiding on Earth, comes to an ended when her real mother kidnaps her. Madam Cassiopeia DeConnett then takes Twyla back to the Paraxous Star Cluster as her prisoner. Here their genetically-engineered, hybrid race is banned because some, like Cassie DeConnett, use their telepathic powers to commit mental rape.

Twyla soon realizes that her mother is one of the leaders of a massive criminal organization. Worse yet, Madam DeConnett insists that Twyla begin training to take her “proper” place in the family business. Now Twyla must find a way to escape before she is turned into a psychic vampire. While searching for a way to outwit her mother, Twyla struggles with the reality of what she is. She quickly learns that finding out who you are can be dangerous, even deadly.

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