Happy Easter!

May this spring bring you many blessings. Just as importantly, may you be aware of the blessings all around you that are so easily taken for granted.

Congratulations to the winners of my Teen Science Fiction Writing Contest.

  • First Place -  “The Tower” by Joshua Hay
  • Second Place-  “Hidden Beauty” by Macy Lynch
  • Tied for Third Place – “Wildest Dreams Ruined” by  Zoe Star Harwood  and “Midnight Promenade” by Brenn Haydon

I really enjoyed the imagination of these young authors. I look forward to publishing their stories on this website on June 1st.

I’m also pleased to say that my story “Wallet” won first place the Gold Country Writers 100 Words Story Contest. Entries had to be exactly 100 words. It was quite a challenge. To read my story as well and the other winners click here.

On Memorial Day Weekend, I have the honor of serving as a panelist at BayCon. This is one of my favorite science fiction conventions.  For fans living anywhere near the Bay Area I highly recommend BayCon. To get more information, click on the link in the “Events” box on the right. I hope you’ll come check it out. Make sure to say hi and get a ribbon from me.

Events 2017:

Panelist at BayCon 2017: Friday, May 26th - Monday, May 29th in San Mateo



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