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Earth and Space

Escaping the Dashia
Coming March 2023!

Escaping the Dashia

My YA science fantasy novel will be available March 2023. It is being published by Black Rose Writing.

Discovering who you are can be dangerous

--even deadly.


16-year-old, Twyla understood this. It's why she wanted to forget her life before coming to hide on Earth. But then her mother, Cassiopeia DeConnett finds her and kidnaps her back to the Paraxous Star Cluster. Cassiopeia expects Twyla to take her place in the family business. The DeConnetts use their genetically engineered, telepathic powers to run a criminal organization that spans The Cluster. To make matters worse, Twyla--with her unique physic abilities--is the key to their plot to overthrow The Sovereign.   


When escape seems impossible, Twyla considers suicide to avoid becoming like her mother. Then she meets Dovain, another prisoner of Cassiopeia's, and their friendship blossoms into something more. Together, can they figure out how to free themselves? Can she trust herself enough to risk loving him? And if she does, will that love save her, or lead to her destruction? 

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