My story "Imagination" was originally published in SDO Ghost on-line magazine in 2004.



Rebecca Inch-Partridge

(aka) R.I.Partridge



 A resounding thunk-bang within Tina’s middle-class, suburban home jolted her awake.  She lay still, eyes wide in the darkness, listening.  What came next wasn’t a “maybe it’s just the wind” type of noise.  It was the definite scrunch, scrunch of footsteps on the recently steam-cleaned carpet.

 They stopped in front of her closed bedroom door.

The doorknob rattled.  Tina considered grabbing the phone or shouting fire.  She’d always heard that neighbors were more likely to get involved if they thought their own property was in danger.  Then again, if she faked being asleep maybe the intruder would content himself with some jewelry or other fast-snatch items.  That hope held her paralyzed.

The door unlatched.  It didn’t open right away.  What if it’s a rapist or some homicidal maniac...  Oh, God, Alex!  How do I protect Alex?  The thought of her seven-year-old son stumbling into a burglary or being kidnapped brought bile to her throat.

The door creaked open.  It swayed so slowly she had time to try to yell “fire” again and again.  All that came out was a strangled gargling sound.

 A silhouette stood at the doorway.  Or maybe it was a shadow.  It seemed distorted.  Too narrow for its height.  And was that a cape around the shoulders?  Whatever it was, it sure wasn’t her husband returning early from his shift. 

The figure stepped forward. 

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