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Story Time

My Mission:

"Helping authors to share their stories in a way that engages readers."

My Method:

I am direct and honest, but I am also supportive and kind. My process has been tailored to ensuring my clients get the most bang for their buck. (Stock phrase used intentionally😊) My goal is to save authors the frustration of crumpling page after page and let them enjoy the creative process. 

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Story Time

Step one:

Submit the first 5 pages of your completed novel. (I only work on projects that have a completed draft.) I will edit the 5 pages for free and email you a copy with my comments.

Step Three:

If we both think I might be a good fit for your project, you hire me to do a global read.  I read the entire manuscript--up to 400 pages for $400--and give you general comments on each chapter and my overall impressions of your book.

Step Two:

We set up a phone or zoom conference to discuss my feedback.

Step Four:

We set up a second phone conference where we discuss my global feedback and my ideas of what must be done to make the novel marketable. If we decide to proceed, we sign a letter of agreement. I charge a reasonable rate per page, which includes a conference after the first 100 pages and then again once I finish editing. Additional conferences are offered at the halfway point as well as three quarters of the way through for an additional $25 per hour.

Story Time

It is important to me that you find the right editor for your book, whether or not it’s me. As an author myself, I know the struggle is real. If you have any questions, or would like to arrange your 5 page free sample, please complete the contact form so we can arrange a phone conference.

Story Time

What My Clients Say:


Dorothe Kress, Author

Rebecca, you guided me skillfully through the process of making a complete revision to my manuscript. With your help, I learned the importance of character development and the necessity of eliminating distractions. Your advice was instrumental in reshaping the story into a stronger version.

Your suggestions emphasized the central focus, a woman’s struggle to find a new beginning, but skillfully discouraged by unrelenting control of the East German secret police. Your professionalism, sensitivity and knowledge encouraged me not to give up and challenged me to accurately tell my story.

Warmest thanks,


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