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Contest Rules:


This contest is only open to teenagers, so if you are between the ages of 13 and 19 are welcome to enter. If not, please pass this link to any teen writers or artists that you know.


This contest is only open from November 1st - December 31st 2022. Short story or art entries received outside of these dates will not be considered.


Short Stories Rules:


1. Stories must contain a science fiction or fantasy element.


2. Stories must not contain excessive profanity, sex, or violence. Keep it rated PG-13 at most. Also, this is a Science Fiction and Fantasy contest. Please do not submit straight horror.


3. Stories will be judged on several factors: plot, character, setting, originality, narrative style, use of language, and, just as importantly, being a good fit for my website. This year, I have added to the rubric strong beginning, middle, and ending. Last time I received several wonderful first chapters to novels, but they were not complete short stories. Also, be aware poor spelling and grammar will be deducted from your overall score and reduce your chances of winning. I beg you to have someone proof read your story before you send it!  


4. Authors must be willing to work with me as an editor to ensure their stories are the best they can be before publication. This will mean receiving a marked-up manuscript, having a phone consult to discuss my suggestions, and submitting a revised version. It is important to me to provide young writers with a positive experience receiving feedback on their work from a professional.  

The winners of the short story contest will be awarded $100 (1st place), $70 (2nd place), or $40 (3rd place) and will have their stories displayed on the RIPartridge website for at least one year.


All results are final. It is possible that stories you feel are not as good as yours will win. Creative writing is a very subjective thing. Please read some of my stories before entering.


Art Rules:


1. Art submitted must somehow represent the story, “Do No Harm.” Please read story before submitting your work.  Click here to read the story


2. The work must be an original piece of work, please do not just cut and paste images off the internet.

The winner will be awarded $100 for of the use of their image as the cover art for "Do No Harm".


3. Art will be judged on several factors: subject matter, composition, color, how well it attracts the potential reader’s eye, how well it represents the story, and how well it fits with the overall style of


All results are final. It is possible that art you feel is not as good as yours will win. Cover art is a very subjective thing. Please don’t become discouraged.

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