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The Writer’s Corner: Preventing Writer’s Block

The best way to deal with writer’s block is to prevent it. One way you can do that is by making your workspace work for you and not against you. Here are some useful tips:

1. Use routine and rituals to tell your mind it’s time to write. Prepare your favorite beverage and turn on some music. Music not only sets the mood, it drowns out distracting sounds. Some authors force themselves to write at the same time every day to create a routine. Others, have a specific pre-writing activity. For some it’s physical exercise for others it’s writing exercises to prime the pump. Find what works for you.

2. Establish a writing space that affords you some privacy. The kitchen table might have lots of space, but if family members constantly trapes through, you’re going to be interrupted. Interruptions lead to a loss of flow which can lead to writer’s block.

3. Make your work area, your sanctuary. Create an inviting place that you want to spend time in. Make sure your chair is comfortable and supports good posture. If you use a laptop, consider getting a monitor and keyboard to make your set up more ergonomic. Hunching over a laptop causes all sorts of neck and shoulder issues that will cause your body to rebel against the idea of sitting and writing. Ensure there is adequate lighting and the temperature is comfortable for you.

4. Clear your writing space of any clutter. Only materials related to your project and items that inspire you should be in your line of sight. Otherwise, you will be distracted.

5. Speaking of distractions, make an effort to avoid them. Do not bring your phone into your work area. Check your phone during breaks, but do not let your phone interfere with your writing and your focus. Social media and texting take you out of your creative bubble.

Try these suggestions for a week and decide which ones work for you. And may the muse be with you!

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